Electrolyte Slushie Drink


  • 2 cups of Ice (water for rehydration and cooling) ??2 kiwi fruit – fresh or frozen
  • your choice! Kiwi fruit is high in vitamins C and E. Two medium kiwis contain 230% of your RDA for Vitamin C
  • which is almost double that of an orange. recommended daily allowance of vitamin C
  • almost twice that of an orange. Kiwi fruit are also high in magnesium and potassium. It even has more potassium that a banana! Both of magnesium and potassium are essential minerals crucial for the body and muscle function. And Potassium is just one example of electrolytes needed here. ??Bunch of spinach (iron strong) ??1/2 - 1 tbsp Maple syrup (to sweeten - optional) ??pinch of Sea Salt – Contain Sodium
  • another example of electrolyte needed when rehydrating. ??2-3 tbsp of Lime Juice- Vitamin C ??Extra water
  • if desired


  1. Blend and enjoy

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