Mango Trifle


  • fresh mango pieces - 3 cups (12 Alphonso Mangoes)
  • fresh mango juice - 1 cup
  • vanilla extract - 1 tsp
  • egg yolks - 12nos
  • milk - 1 ltr
  • date syrup - 50ml
  • sea salt - to season
  • eggless wholewheat vanilla cake - 500gms


  1. Bring the milk to a bowl. In another steel bowl, whisk the egg yolks and gently add the hot milk into it. Over a double boiler, whisk the (egg yolk & milk) egg custard till it gets thick and coats the spoon

  2. Add the vanilla extract now and allow to cool

  3. When this comes to room temperature, add in the dates syrup and salt. Note: if the dates syrup is added to hot milk it curdles

  4. Mix well and set aside

  5. Now the hard work is done and the fun part of assembling begins

  6. Powder the whole wheat vanilla sponge to resemble breadcrumbs

  7. Cut the mangoes into thin slices

  8. In the serving bowl/cup, start adding the cake crumbs, flatten it out. Add some mango juice to sweeten the sponge & moisten it

  9. Pour a ladle of the English custard and add some sliced mangoes

  10. Keep forming these layers till u reach the top of the bowl

  11. In a transparent glass bowl the triffle layers make such a pretty collage

  12. For the final layer, add a thin layer of custard and garnish with mango slices and a sprig of mint

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