A #Latergram of This Glorious Purple Sweet Potato + 10 Things That Make Me Happy Because


  • 1. Vibrant potatoes. Vibrant foods. Vibrant colors
  • 2. The sun.☀️Seeing it. Soaking it in. Or watching it set in a glorious display of colors
  • 3. New recipes that exceed my expectations
  • 4. When my favorite foods or ingredients are on sale
  • 5. Laughing uncontrollably with my sister about who knows what and not being able to stop
  • 6. Nightly snuggle-time with my pup
  • 7. Creating. Photos, food, graphic design
  • 8. Trying a new yoga pose regardless of whether I nail it or fall on my head laughing
  • 9. Baking with my mom, even though she sometimes gets annoyed by my unconventional ways
  • 10. Seeing my family after many months away at school, which is where I am headed today

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