Banana & Nut Butter Sushi


  • This is perhaps the cutest low FODMAP snack EVER! and SO easy. The kids will love getting involved in the prep too
  • Simply grab 2 large bananas, coat them in your favourite nut butter (I experimented with peanut butter and it was DELISH ?), then roll them in some rice or quinoa puffs (just make sure these are all natural - i.e., not rice crispies or any other sugar-laden cereals). Slice them (quite thick) to create cute sushi rounds
  • You can even freeze the rounds to make them extra sweet (banana goes sweeter when frozen, as the flavours of the natural sugars are enhanced)
  • Give these a go! If you're feeling extra oriental you can even attempt eating them with chopsticks. But warning: that's pretty hardcore

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