Nigerian Porridge Beans and Pan Fried Plantain


  • soft precooked black eyed beans (made a big batch 2days ago), tomatoes, onion, garlic, ginger, extra chilli pepper powder, palm oil, spices, dark soy sauce and salt. ***************************************
  • Easy Nigerian Beans Porridge Recipe
  • *************************************** -In a pan toss in chopped onions, garlic, ginger and some palm oil. -Add in tomatoes, chilli pepper, some salt and your spices (garlic powder, ginger powder, fenugreek powder, onion powder). Fry really well


  1. Next, add In your already cooked beans and combine it all together

  2. Add in Soy sauce (can skip this step)

  3. Mix well, taste and add more pepper powder or spices

  4. Leave to fry for a while on low heat or just dish out your portion like I did

  5. This turned out a little salty, probably because I typically don't Cook with salt and used a bit more than I should have

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