Candida Diary


  • Breakfast: (9:15am) omelette (2 eggs, 2 whites) with spinach and broccoli topped with 1/2 avo & plain oats with 1tbs of almond butter ||34C, 34P, 31F||
  • Lunch: (12:30pm) tuna and cottage cheese (sounds like a weird combo, but it was really good!) on 2 pieces of Ezekiel toast (not pictured: cucumber) ||37C, 36P, 3F||
  • Snack: (2:30pm) cookie dough quest bar (not pictured: raw broccoli) ||26C, 23P, 9F||
  • Dinner: (5:30pm) ahi tuna (no sauce), quinoa and roasted Brussels sprouts (not pictured: spaghetti squash, raw broccoli, and heart of palm....a bunch of random salad bar snacks?) ||49C, 46P, 13F||
  • Snack: (10:00pm) organic nutty quinoa bites with unsweetened almond milk (my new favorite snack with only 7g of sugar per serving!) ||17C, 5P, 7F|| ?Total: 170C, 146P, 64F sugar: 31g ------------------------------------------------ #bbgeats #fooddiary #c

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